Roy Ice Chip

Our mesh pattern Bar & Shelf Liners allows for quick drying and are available in Red, Clear, Green White and Black.  They come in 24" W x 40' L.

We have a wide selection of blenders for your home or bar.

We have all the supplies that goes into our 6 compartment Bar Organizer such as, napkins, paper parasols, sword & spear picks, and straws.

Our Plastic Pour Bottles include the neck and color coded cap and spout and are available in assorted colors.  They are available in 1 qt or 2 qt only.

We carry a wide variety of funnels:  Wide Mouth Funnel has a 3" neck and holds 4 quarts, Strainer Funnels come in 1 pint to 2 quart, Aluminum comes in 1/2-1 Pint and 1-2 Quart, Plastic Funnels come in 8-64 oz.

Speed Rails are 20 gauge Stainless Steel and comes in 22" - 42" single rail or double rail.

Our Decaters range in size from 1.5 oz-26.5 oz and are available in various shapes.

Roy Bar 11 is an 11" Bar Spoon w red knob.

There is a variety of cork screws are available such as the Chrome Wing Cork Screw, Waiters with Knife, one with a wooden handle.

This is our 4 Prong Bar Strainer

Rubbermaid Condiment Dispensers come with 3, 1 quart or 6, 1 pint inserts with see through lids.

Our Cocktail Shakers come in a set of 3: 10 oz, 16 oz, and 28 oz.

Royal Stainless Steel Condiment Dispensers are available with 4 pint, 12" long, 5 pint, 15" long , or 6 pint, 18" long trays with see through lids.

There is a wide variety of Beer Taps available.  They come with taps mounted to one or two refrigerators or with sinks or with glass doors.

We carry "Service Only", "Waitress Only" in 12"x18" and a Black Mat 18"x12"x 1/2".

This photo is from our store.  It's just a few Bar items that we have in stock today!

Our Polycarbonate Ice Scoops come in 6-64 oz size.    

We carry the Roy SP 13, 13 quart Ice Pail with handle.  It's made of 22 gauge metal and is 11 5/8" in diameter and 10" tall.  We also carry the SJ SI 6000, Saf-T-Ice 6 gallon Tote.

We stock this 3-1/4" x 27" Bar Mat in Brown only.


The Plastic Automatic Measured Pourers come with collar or no collar and come in a variety of colors and the metal pourers are only available with no collar.

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

We carry 32 oz and 60 oz beverage pitchers and a 60 oz 3-spout beverage pitcher.

Glass Hangers come in Brass or Chrome and come in 10"-24" in length.

Our Stainless Steel Jiggers range from 3/4 oz - 1 1/4 oz to the largest of 1 oz - 2 oz.

Our selection of bar supplies is among the best

Check out our glass selection, from beer, wine, margarita, whiskey or martini.  We have them all.

This Waring Bar Juicer includes a 1 liter serving container. The juice bowl and reamer are removable for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Measures 7-1/4" Diameter x 9-1/4" high.

Glass Rimmer:  Comes in black plastic only with three compartments.